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Tapioca Starch


Tapioca Processing Outcomes

Food grade & Industrial Grade Tapioca Starch


Fibre (locally known as Thippi)

As part of our rigorous manufacturing process, we make sure each product is flawless before it goes on sale. With this process, we can guarantee our commitment to excellence with every single product.

Tapioca Starch is used in various industries such as Food, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Construction and Agriculture. 

Fibre is used mainly as cattle feed. 

Papad Manufacturing


Ready to Fry Product

When it comes to great products, a strong foundation is essential. We’re known for our quality standards, and always make sure this feature is one of the most important focuses for our team.

To learn more about our production process simply contact us - we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Manufacturing Process

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