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Industrial Grade Tapioca Starch

This fine tapioca starch powder is the best quality for all your essential industrial applications.

Our existing customers consist of textiles, plywood, paper, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Food Grade Tapioca Starch

Cassava as it stands to provide the most calorie content for its cheap price is also capable of replacing the place of rice and maize.

Since its flavorless taste, tapioca starch is used as a thickener and stabilizer in foods. Applications include baking, filling, and binding. 

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Tapioca Papad

A Papad made completely from Tapioca Starch to perfection. It is ready to Fry and can be consumed at your convenience.


It is used as a companion to the meals or consumed as a snack. 

Fibre (Thippi)

The Tapioca Starch waste, a by-product obtained while processing Tapioca is called Thippi locally.

 The characteristics of Thippi are its high water-holding capacity, good porosity, low bulk density, high starch, fiber, low protein, and cyanide. Ideally, fit for cattle-feed.

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Broken Sago

The broken particles of processed Sabudana. We deliver only the best grade.


It is used for food and industrial applications. Please get in touch to know more about the product. 

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